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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Pink Blue Route

Pink Blue Route still the preferred route since 1993.

There is a lot of talk about the Pink Blue route for the new bypass, we are assuming that this will be one of the route options that will be announced by Highways England in this Summer.  I know from conversations with residents that some people are not aware of the exact route and the history.  So please see the the map which comes from the Department of Transport and is still the preferred route.  It is featured on most maps and if you have purchased property in the last 24 years it would have come up on local searches.

The route was adopted in 1993. After a long period of consultation and interaction between the Government of the day, Department of Transport, Arundel Town Council, Arun District and West Sussex County Council. If you look at the map the existing A27 is closer to most houses in Arundel than the Pink Blue route,so bearing in mind measures to mitigate noise, I believe that traffic noise will actually reduce for most residents.  

There is a new Pro Bypass group been set up and you can sign up to show your support and receive emails at OneArundel.co.uk  the link is https://www.onearundel.co.uk/joinour-mailing-list

Until next Month, Paul Dendle is Arundel & Walberton Ward member on Arun DC. Email address is cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Still Your Councillor

I have been contacted by quite a few residents regarding today's front page onthe Littlehampton Gazette,

 I have been sacked from the Cabinet for challenging the leadership, but I can assure everyone that i am still a Councillor and will continue to fight for Arundel & Walberton ward interests.

Also I will have more time to campaign for the Arundel Bypass and work on my new business

Monday, 1 May 2017

Sign up and show your support for the Pink Blue route Off line Bypass by going to this link.

Sign up here

It takes seconds and shows you care about a long awaited bypass.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Have your say

We have the May County Council elections coming up on the 6th of May to elect County Councillors to West Sussex County Council, , as it’s a run up to an election I won’t be political, the only thing I would say is which ever party  you vote for, just ensure you do vote, it does make a difference and you should certainly check with the various candidates and hold them to their promises. if you have a busy lifestyle or live some distance from the polling station you can register for a postal vote or a proxy vote if you are away telephone 01903 737616 .

The latest on the Bypass, Highways England has sent out a circular letter confirming that Public Consultation on the various route options for the bypass will start in the Summer of this year,  subject to consultation there will be an announcement on the Preferred Route by the winter of 2017/18.  There will then be statutory Public Consultation on the preferred route in Spring 2018 and construction will start in 2020, with it opening to traffic by 2022. 

It’s important that everyone has their say, so if you have a view then I would urge to engage and I know that Arundel Town council plans to organise a public meeting with an objective Chairman from the communit some time in the Summer/Autumn

It’s all change at the Town council with Cllr Angela Standing becoming the new Mayor, thanks goes to James Stewart for his hard work and dedication over the last 2 year and i wish Angela the best of luck in her new role.

Arun District Council is set to launch a new scheme to make it easier for residents to dispose of broken or unwanted small electrical and electronic equipment.

The Council’s contractor, Biffa, will be offering the service as part of the new cleansing contract. The collections will be phased in across the district from 10 April 2017 and allow residents to recycle even more from home.

Electrical items “no larger than a standard-sized carrier bag” will be accepted. The collections will be weekly on the same day as the refuse collection.

Items need to be kept separate and not placed in with the recycling or rubbish collection.

The Council is asking residents to continue disposing of larger electrical items at their nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Until next month

Monday, 24 April 2017

OneArundel Campaign for the Pink Blue Route Arundel Bypass Launches

Very pleased to hear that the Pro-Bypass Group OneArundel have launched today, We have heard all the anti propaganda, now we can have a balanced debate, please sign up for updates
at the following link


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Unintended Consequences

What will the Arundel Bypass look like?.
You will have seen the disastrous news regarding the upgrading of the A27 junctions at Chichester being cancelled by the Secretary of State at the Department of Transport due to various local Councils not being supportive of the proposals,

 Basically the leader at West Sussex County Council (WSCC) had been pushing for a Northern route cutting through the Goodwood estate and not supporting the Chichester upgrade proposals.  Then Chichester District Council had voted to open up the debate again so you had the County and the District pulling the tent poles away from the Chichester scheme.

Our MP Nick Herbert had warned of this back in January and I had put out Facebook posts critical of Louise Goldsmith the leader of WSCC,  the fear was that because of the lack of support for the Chichester upgrades that all three schemes would be cancelled, eg Arundel, Chichester and Worthing, Nick Herbert our MP  has worked hard at lobbying the SoS Chris Grayling to de-couple the Chichester scheme from the other two.

It’s now very important that Arundel Town Council (ATC), Arun District and WSCC hold together with their resolve to deliver the Arundel off-line bypass, there is consensus that this will happen, but there are dissenting voices at ATC that are hoping to cancel or amend the bypass to an online or partial solution (EG their dreamed up Purple Route).

The anti road campaigners are now emboldened to think that they can get the Arundel & Worthing schemes cancelled, In politics you don’t always get what you want and the art of politics is delivering the possible rather than trying to deliver the impossible.

The lesson of the Chichester cancellation is that certain protesters think that by pushing for utopia that the government will listen, but with everything compromise is always best if you actually want to get something done that's meaningful.

There is a lesson for our Local Plan, many protesters think that Arun Councillors should resist at all costs any more houses, Arun has been trying to pursue that Strategy for the last 8-12 years, and rather than settling on 550 houses back in 2009 we are now looking at a 1000+  houses pa  and I fear this might even go up to 1200 houses pa.  

Arun needs to nail a figure and agree our plan as our first priority, we have lost the battle for houses, so we need to be realistic and agree something, because if we don’t our green and pleasant land will be covered by concrete 

Until next month.  Paul Dendle is  Arundel & Walberton Councillor and Cabinet member for leisure & Amenities on Arun District Council. Email cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.ukweb: www.pauldendle.org

Friday, 24 February 2017

Voter engagement

The Web is changing things.
There has been a number of Facebook debates I have been involved with in the last few weeks, one thing that became clear was that some residents were complaining that I or other Local Councillors
hadn’t knocked on their door during the election of 2015.

In previous elections I had indeed tried to get round all houses, succeeding to a degree, but not quite coming everyone.  The Electoral Commission in their infinite wisdom decided to joint Arundel Ward & Walberton wards together Creating a monster ward with 13 parishes.

Previously when I represented the Arundel ward which had 6 parishes I always prided myself on getting round all my Parish’s attending their meetings and engaging with the Parish Councils,  Norman Dingemans who covered the previous Walberton ward did the same.

Now we have this monster ward which is 25% in geographical terms of the entire Arun District, it’s a crazy situation created by a Bureaucrat in London without any common sense,  Norman & I argued that we should have less Councillors representing smaller single wards, we could have saved £250k a year and made our wards our own serving and being judged for our work ethic by the voters.

Both I and Norman made representations in 2012 to the electoral Commission arguing this, but as with most Bureaucrats they did not listen but drove on with their cunning plans.

Our Political Parties are in decline, as a Councillor I don’t have as many volunteers to help in campaigns, we still have a dedicated bunch, but it’s hard enough to deliver one leaflet to every house, let alone knocking on every door.

So to adjust to the new realities I have found new ways to communicate, I use Social Media and this article to update you and have a conversation, I know it’s a bit one sided, but i am happy to engage by email, Social Media etc.

Political Parties are starting to move to a digital platform and the SNP have been one of the more successful advocates of this, hence their success in recent elections.  Like it or not, 'this is the future and this will increasingly become the way way of communicating with the electorate, posting online surveys, running online campaigns and engaging digitally.

Interestingly, one of the biggest growth areas on the internet is the older user, my mother who is 80 years old uses her IPad and IPhone, similarly a lot of medical and social care will be delivered this way in the future, a brave new world?  Until next month

Paul Dendle is Arundel & Walberton Ward & Cabinet Member on Arun District Council. Email cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk. Web: www.pauldendle.org

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Social Care

Increasing need for Social care.

Sometimes I think we take for granted the exceptional GP services we have locally, I had a recent health scare and I can not praise the team at the Arundel GP surgery enough,  Also we have an excellent hospital in St Richards which again were exceptional in their care, they were smart and helpful in the way they delivered the services and I understand they are also in surplus, which shows hospitals can do it with good management.

But even if you have one of the best hospitals in the country which St Richards is you have the issue of Social care for older and vulnerable patients who bed block due to need of Social care.  The County Councils budgets have been cut and this inevitably means problems in keeping up with demand and rising expectations.

I think Theresa May has an opportunity to define her premiership not just by Brexit but by radically overhauling Social Care, I would firstly give the NHS the responsibility of Social Care, The County Council should still raise the money, but pass it on directly to the NHS, you would then eliminate the ding & dong situation of two suppliers each trying to avoid cost by passing the buck.

The NHS could then develop halfway houses for patients who need to go home, but also as a triage for patients that may need to go to hospital proper,  you could develop and take over the network of carers as well as having a day centre facility,

But I would also be radical on paying for it, in the USA you have a facility where as the state can lend money to seniors against their property, taking a charge over the property, eg allowing for seniors to stay in their properties until they either pass on or need to go to a care home, if care packages could be financed in this way allowing for people to stay in their homes for longer whilst having carers come in, then this would be one one of financing the need which will increase with the average age of citizens getting older.  It would also allow for an eventual sale with the homeowner being able to pass some of the value via inheritance, whether you think I am right or wrong, we do need to have a conversation very soon to resolve one of the most difficult issues facing most of us in the next few years. until next month.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Lets have the true facts to decide (Arundel By-Pass)

Traffic is building.
Bypass Protest groups have been slowly manoeuvring over the last six months, Emma & Mike Tristam has their group called Arundel Bypass neighbourhood committee but they are based in Binsted so it’s a misnomer .

There have been innocuous groups popping up on Facebook called Arundel Chat (recently re-named Arundel Bypass chat)and anyone connected to Arundel or the surrounding area have been given invitations and made members, I think this is in effect a Trojan horse for the protest group and members are being corralled ready for anti by-pass spin.

All households in Arundel have been bombarded with purple leaflets mentioning a Purple route which is in effect an on-line solution eg a Dual carriageway through Arundel.

Just under three years ago we were being told that the Pink Blue route would result in Shoreham like concrete monstrosities being built over the Arun valley, despite evidence that the By-Pass would be on earth bunds with vegetation to mitigate the effect.

The lie regarding the Flyover becomes apparent when you look at the purple route leaflet which shows earth bunds, so if the purple route can have earth bunds why can't the pink blue route?

Michael Tu when he was Mayor made a deal with Walberton Parish that they wouldn’t support an online solution if Arundel Town Council didn’t support the Binsted route, That agreement still stands, so the Binsted group are going against the spirit of that agreement by supporting an online solution.
For the record I am against an online bypass  solution (Purple route), I am against the Binsted route, I am in favour of the Pink Blue route which is still registered as the preferred route with the Department of Transport, I was elected on that manifesto pledge so I feel that I have a mandate to campaign on that basis. Many of these groups are being controlled and funded by Brighton environmentalists rather than local Arundel residents.

Let's have an open and factual debate based on the true facts and not half truths, some of the half truths are“Local Traffic”. Protesters they that the vast majority of Arundel traffic is local traffic, but they use WSCC definition of local traffic as 15 miles radius, so that's beyond Shoreham Airport, Bosham and Billinghurst.

Binsted Ancient Woodland, Binsted is an Ancient Cultivated woodland, currently planted with conifers which will be harvested as other trees going back 500 years have been.

Environmental impact, it is well known that air quality will improve rather than deteriorate if the bypass is built, Storrington has some of the worst air quality measurements in the Uk thanks to rat running to avoid the Arundel log jam.

Until next Month

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Progress on Cleansing and Leisure

Recycling centre.
Season greetings to everyone, I am writing this report at the beginning of December, but I thought I would give you some updates on issues.

Arun has re-let it’s cleansing contract with at least savings of £250,000 pa, (Stop press Just heard the savings will be about £375k)  it’s been let on virtually the same basis as the previous contract for 3 years from january 2017 with an option of an extension of 3 years, eg weekly refuse and fortnightly recycling, The winning bidder is Biffa, the previous supplier,  so I see it as a win win for the tax payer, Arun and I am very pleased as portfolio holder to have helped in achieving this for all residents of the district.

Flyover of the proposed centre. A Planning application has gone in for the new Littlehampton Leisure Centre which will have 

• 80-85 station gym (circa 450 sqm)
• 1 dance studio (50 capacity and divisible into 2 spaces) • 1 spinning studio (25 capacity)
• 8-lane 25-metre pool (fully accessible)
• Learner pool (moveable floor and fully accessible)
• CafĂ© (30 capacity)
• Multi-purpose/meeting room
• 4 court sports hall

The Planning application will be heard on the 4th of January 2017

It will cost £15.3M, but is being paid for by savings from the new Leisure contract (with Freedom Leisure) of £1.15M which will increase to £1.35M once the new centre is built.  Arun will invest £8M of it’s own money and borrow the balance from the Public Loans Board which can give very low interest rates of less than 2.5%.

One stipulation that i have insisted on is to build the new centre before we close the old, so we have a seamless service provision

The increased efficiencies of a new centre with the low interest rates makes a very good business case to build the centre and underpins arun’s reputation in investing in Leisure as a way of champion quality of life issues.

On another leisure issue, I have helped to get a grant of £25,000 from the Joint Downland Area Committee towards the Arundel lido LEAP project (Provision of new changing facilities and a gym), it’s only a first step to providing the overall project, but something that again will improve leisure prosion in the town and surrounding villages.  Until next month,

Paul Dendle is Arundel & Walberton and Cabinet Member for leisure & Aemities on Arun District Council. Email cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk. Website: www.pauldendle.org

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

JDAC Grant obtained for Arundel Lido

Arundel Lido.
Arundel Lido have the LEAP project to build a gym and new changing rooms, initially to design and get planning permission and prepare the project for construction they need to raise £100k.

I suggested that they apply to the Joint Downland Area Committee which has a fund from Aruns New Homes bonus, I also suggested that they apply for £25k as the fund was coming to an end  and there was funds still available until April. Also I was a member of the committee along with Michael Tu. and we could help inform the committee and advance the project.

After a bit of pushing acting as a champion for the project I can now report that the Lido have been successful in being granted £25,000 from JDAC.   There is a proposal at Arundel Town Council  to give an Additional £25,000 which will be decided at the next Full Council and the Trust have £25,000 of their own money.   There is also a grant going to the lottery fund for the last £25k.

So it looks like the Lido can move forward to the first stage and then the big job of raising £1.7M  to finish the project can begin

Monday, 21 November 2016

Aruns Housing Need

Arun is setting up it’s own Housing company to commercially develop housing for profit to feed these profits back to help subsidise services.  I was on the Cabinet working party helping to shape the strategy and the opportunities.

Modern UK Prefabricated Housing. 
I want to look to build shared ownership property where Aruns young people on modest wages can afford to buy 25% of their own property whilst they rent the balance.  Government can borrow money at the lowest rates in history, this can be fed through the Public Loans Board to help provide finance to these types of developments.  It’s in effect Social(Council)  housing for the 21st century.  The rental element is affordable and the fact that they borrow a lower amount they can have a lower deposit, so someone on £20,000pa can build up a deposit of £4000, borrow £45000 and rent the balance. For a one bedroom flat it brings property ownership for about £700 per month and they can own and can build up over time more and more equity as their wages improve, I believe this is a golden opportunity to solve the housing crisis in our area.

It’s now clear that Arun will have to accept a target of building about 1000 houses a year which will be a difficult sell to local communities who do not want these numbers.  The problem is that the UK needs to build 250,000 per annum which everyone seems to agree to, but they don’t want them in their locality, which leaves a difficult political conundrum.

I believe that local communities would accept additional housing if they knew that it was for the sons and daughters of Arun, rather than sucking in new residents from more expensive places like London, incomers tend to want more expensive larger houses which creates a local housing inflation, if we can balance this type of housebuilding with more shared ownership then I believe it’s an easier sell, also shared ownership by it’s nature is of a higher density and takes a smaller land foot print.

But also local communities want infrastructure to accompany any new house building, I know that roughly when you read this article that a new white paper is being issued by Gavin Barwell the very able Minister for Housing, it will be uncomfortable reading as I think he will promote a speeding up of development and also new towns, there is one planned for near Partridge Green, close to the M23 ( it’s name Merryfields), but also Ford are looking at a development of up to 1500 houses which in effect will be a new village, challenging times!

Until next month

Paul Dendle is Arundel & Walberton and Cabinet member on arun District Council, email address is cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk web www.pauldendle.org

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Most people want an Arundel bypass.

I seem to have ruffled a few feathers in my September report regarding the coming proposed by-pass, I have been accused of “errors, mis-truths, and personal slurs” but I see this as a campaign to discredit the messenger rather than deal with the issues with a straight bat, many of the assertions of the Anti bypass protesters have been half truths rather than whole truths and all I want is have an open debate without spin. I stand by what I have said, I repeat that unlike the protesters I believe I have a mandate from the electorate in my 2015 re-election. I also believe that there is a solid majority of somewhere between 65-75% in favour of a Pink Blue route. The consultation will start in March and I hope everyone with a view will make their views known, A Pro-Bypass group will start soon so hopefully we can have a balanced debate.

As one of my Leisure & Amenities Cabinet portfolio responsibilities I have been been busy trying to consolidate the number of Public toilets in Arun and bring them up to a much higher standard, It has been pointed out that as a Tourist town we should have public conveniences, which I fully agree with, but we have the new toilets at the side of the Museum which I helped get the funding to underpin the Museum project. Most tourists use these toilets but we also have Crown yard and this is one of those toilets that is under threat, I do not want for Crown Yard to close, I want to see it restructured into a dual use facility with a commercial element, the question is who takes responsibility for it, I was hoping the Town Council might take on that role, but after discussions I don’t think there is much appetite for that, so could a local business take on that role at a peppercorn rent and invest a capital sum in converting the toilets, running them and using the remaining space as a business opportunity? We are working to save £150,000pa from the annual budget but also investing £600,000 in the next three years as a capital sum in the remaining toilets to bring them up from a dismal 32% user satisfaction. The key is we are listening to feedback and will reflect on this before we make final decisions

Until Next Month

Monday, 26 September 2016

Arun needs the Tourist pound

Arundels Tourist pound matters.
Arundel Town Mayor (James Stewart) called a meeting recently of key stakeholders to discuss a strategy to underpin the town's economic activity and discuss various initiatives. It was well attended and there will be a working group formed under the leadership of the Mayor to take things forward, James has to be congratulated on this initiative.

Like it or not Arundel’s economy is built on Tourism, with the recent referendum and resulting reduction in the pound against the dollar and Euro this has created more inbound tourism and you may have noticed the number of foreign registration numbers around town.

There are concerns regarding the lack of key retail shops in Arundel, but with the advent of Internet shopping and the change of the nation's shopping habits makes it impossible for some types of business to make a go of it particularly with high Business rates which you may not be aware of go to central government and not the local authorities that collect the tax.  Arundels population is just too small to support some businesses especially with the plethora of Supermarkets in and around Littlehampton with Aldi about to arrive. Tourism is driving the restaurant trade, banks are closing and Lloyds bank site is becoming a gourmet burger restaurant

So rather than resist the trend I believe there are opportunities to enhance the tourist offering, The food festival of a few years ago could be relaunched and as well as the Arundel festival and Arundel by Candlelight we could try and have a fourth festival in the spring, I know the town council are interested in having a full time festival organiser to help and support existing festivals and possible new ones, but  It is important we take town residents with us on this.

Aruns Leisure strategy of 2012 identified a number of potential projects, reshaping of the streetscape to pedestrianise or make the streets pedestrian friendly, re-surfacing Tarrant street removing kerbs this all goes to make Arundel even better, but Fest

As well as structural street changes, their are a number of projects which are currently underway,  amongst these and of note are

Arundel Lido LEAP project  (To make the Lido a year round facility and build a gym)
Victoria Institute. Bid for lottery funding to make the Institute a Cultural Centre

There isn’t the money in Arundel alone to fund these projects, so it’s important we lever in funds from outside bodies, I will try and support these as much as possible to try and bring the money to help these projects and others

Until next month, Paul Dendle is Arundel & Walberton Ward member and Cabinet member for Leisure & Amenities on Arun District Council email address: Cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk. Web site www.pauldendle.org

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Post Brexit, whole new set of Oppertunities

So the country has decided, the people have spoken and we have to get on with it, there will be substantial challenges to deal with and as one of your Councillors I will work as hard as I can to mitigate any adverse effects as well as embracing positive opportunities.

Local councils have taken the brunt of austerity cuts and Arun District are in the process of having to trim £4m from our budget  by 2020 which comes on top of previous cuts, its a big ask, buts lets hope we don’t get additional cuts over and above the £4m due to Brexit.

The Environment Agency has been doing it’s best to wriggle out of commitments to flood defences in the Lower Tidal River Arun Strategy  Phase 1 works which was being delivered in  partnership with West Sussex County Council, The EA, Arundel Town Council and Arun District.

It has now been clear that the EA did not maintain the walls in Arundel  to the level that they should have done in the last 20 years, they now have a catch up requirement and they are trying to dilute the Phase 1 works.  As a Arun District Cabinet member flooding is now not now my portfolios responsibility, but I have a say and I think we should hold the EA to account to complete the Phase 1 defences as promised and previously committed to.

Thanks of all Arundel residents should go to Derek Waller who advises the Town Council and keeps a watching brief on flooding developments and does a lot of behind the scenes lobbying representatives and advising us , he is an invaluable asset to myself and to other elected representatives.

Derek also helps the Town Council in advising them regarding the By-Pass, consultation of the route will begin early in 2017, the previous preferred route  (Pink Blue route) seems to be the best route, I think the consultation should be only for Arundel and surrounding village residents, many Brighton residents seem to think they have a more important say than an Arundel resident, I know some residents want an online solution, but do you really want a dual carriage way through Arundel?, I certainly judge that that and the Binsted option are equally the the worst options.  But if the Pink Blue route is given the go ahead then we also need a package of mitigating measures, cycle paths, sustainable transport solutions like the car park at Ford Station, remodeling of streetscape of the old A27, a dead end for Ford Road to stop through traffic (Access of the new  A27 bypass can be east or west on the old A27)

Until next Month, Paul dendle is Arundel & Walberton ward and Cabinet member on Arun District Council.  Email cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk  www.pauldendle.org

Friday, 24 June 2016

Public Conveniences - all change? Sussex Local report for July

Future Toilet policy to be discussed.
AS Cabinet member responsible for amongst other things public conveniences there is a very important report being discussed by the combined Leisure Tourism and the Environment working party on the 28th of June.

Arun has quite a few toilets some of them in a poor condition, we need to invest money to bring the most used of these up to a decent standard, but this will result in a consolidation of existing toilets.

Some toilets are in remote rural locations and in the winter time they can be used for anti social behaviour, I always thought I was worldly wise , but I didn’t know what a glory hole was until I started this role, hopefully a lot of you won’t know either. I won’t say any more on that subject and I will let the more adventitious google it,

So in general terms what the paper will propose is closing some of the more rural toilets in the winter, eg keeping them for summer use and avoiding the Anti social activity,

Investing in the high volume toilets introducing things like showers for sea side locations, and consulting on closing some toilets to save money.

Parishes and town councils will be given options to take over some toilets and develop them into a mixed use, eg introducing a business tenant to oversee the toilets and also make money from their business.  Many locations can be converted to cafe’s, cycle shops, taxi offices etc etc as well as having toilets.

I mentioned this to Arundel Town Council recently and indicated that the Crown Yard toilets may be one of the toilets that could either be closed, or delegated to the local Parish (EG Town Council),  I said that the ATC should see this as an opportunity, the existing toilets are huge, could easily occupy half the space and could be sub let to a business like a cycle shop.

If ATC should wish to take over operation it could be a win win situation for everyone, eg it could provide a revenue flow for ATC, it would maintain some sort of presence and would save the tax payer money.

I try to be straight with you the resident and taxpayer and hopefully you will take on board that this is a consultation and not a decision, but money has to be saved and we need to find new ways of working.  Your feedback to Arun will be welcome, but the status quo is not really an option.

Until Next Month,  Paul Dendle is the Arundel & Walberton Ward & Cabinet member for Leisure & Amenities.  Web address is www.pauldendle.org and email cllr.paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I have made up my mind on the Referendum and voted

As a local District Councillor, you may or may not care to know how I voted in the Referendum (Postal Vote),  I have been debating it with friends and have decided on balance to vote to stay in,

I am not going to try and persuade you to vote either way, but the thing that struck me is firstly either in the EU or out of the EU I want to stay in the single market to preserve jobs and our economy,

If you have the single market then  you have to have free movement of labour (As Norway & Switzerland do), so why vote to leave what tangible benefit does it give you, I have said to friends give me one tangible reason to leave and I will vote to leave, but no one could, it was all vision, hope and aspiration, not good enough reasons to gamble the economy on.

Interestingly I was speaking to the local returning officer and he predicted a 80% turnout and mentioned that a 1000 people are registering a day to vote

Remember no one is objective, everyone has an agenda, so you will have to balance up all the arguments and make up your own mind,  The best of luck

If you still are not registered for the Referendum vote, you can easily register via the following link  www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Hurry up if you want to register for the Referendum

If you still are not registered for the Referendum vote, you can easily register via the following link  www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

One chance in a generation to vote.
Many young people are not registered , but they will be most affected by the outcome of the referendum, I am not urging them to vote for or against remaining in the EU, but I am urging them to vote,  I don't buy the argument that they won't be affected, it's a simple case of are you bothered to vote or are you just too lazy to vote, no excuses not to.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

News about Cleansing (My June Sussex Local article)

Biffa (Arun) bin lorry.

Further to my various reports regarding the renewal of the cleansing contract in January 2017, Arun has decided rather than go for a full 10 year new cleansing contract, that it would be more cost effective to taxpayers to look to let a short term contract for 3 years with a possible 3 years extension. the reasoning behind this is that most contractors have written off in capital terms the plant (dust wagons etc) so to use existing plant rather than invest in new plant makes the costs much lower allowing us to have existing contractual terms for another 3 years, eg weekly waste collections and fortnightly recyclables. 

Originally as Cabinet Member for Cleansing I had wanted to extend the existing contract, but was blocked by officers on what was hypothetical reputational risks to the council, 
theoretically companies that had originally bid could challenge our decision in court, but as 
many of these companies had morphed into different larger consolidated entities, my belief 
was that the risk was minimal, the prize was substantial savings, but where I as a businessman saw opportunity, some of the more cautious officers saw risk.  It,s a balanced judgement and different people would decide in a different way.

The new shorter contract is a legal way of doing what I had wanted to do, by allowing the 
existing contractor and any new contractors to bid allows us to get a good proportion of the 
savings I wanted to achieve.  It also puts us in a good position to tender in 2020/1 for a new 
ten year contract encompassing new technologies and possibly a food waste collection.

The PCC election is decided for another four years, congratulations to the winner, but I'm 
still waiting for my Bobby in every village which was Katie Bournes pledge in 2012, I tried to 
be the candidate in 2012, I got to the last six, but was defeated at a selection meeting, my 
big idea was to adopt systems thinking techniques that Cheshire constabulary had adopted, 
it empowered Police constables, gave power to those at the sharp end and cut costs 
allowing for more PC,s.  Alas I could not put these ideas into action, a regret, but the winner 
takes all in politics, until next month,

Paul Dendle is Arundel & Walbeton Ward & Cabinet Member for Leisure & Amenities.  His email is Cllr.Paul.dendle@arun.gov.uk. Web address: www.pauldendle.org

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Option A Pink blue route for Arundel By-Pass